Community members call for water sewer repairs in Jackson neighborhoods


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Michael Thompson is a Jackson neighbor who hopes the drainage and water sewer problems he’s been dealing with come to an end.

“There’s a manhole that shoots up like a geyser I’m not a plumber by trade but I know there’s not a need for raw sewage to be backing into the windows of your residential home,” said Thompson.

Other community members expressed similar concerns in South Jackson neighborhoods.

“The gutter have disappeared and the manhole sits above the street and the sewage drain where the water runs to is filled with dirt and it’s blocked. It’s just clogged up with dirt and leaves and it’s like a free swimming pool so if we could get that addressed immediately that would help me out a lot,” said Thompson.

Over in West Jackson one woman said she’s been dealing with constant flooding since 2018.

“Sometimes we can’t even get out of our yard. Flooding in our yard, the water is up two inches to our ankles. it’s just terrible.”

Homeowners said they hope this is the last year of foul smells and flooded yards. The City said they plan to address the issue as soon as possible and ask that you call 311 to report any similar issues.

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