JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A 12-year-old was killed, and a 16-year-old was injured in a shooting in Jackson on Thursday, May 26. On the same day, police said a 15-year-old accidentally shot by another 15-year-old, and a six-year-old was grazed by a bullet. All of the incidents happened just hours apart from another.

“Everybody’s child isn’t out here in the violence. It’s a lot of people that’s getting harmed, and their innocent bystanders, so it’s heartbreaking. It’s one thing to lose your child because it just was your time, but these children have their whole life ahead of them,” said Mechell Johnson.

Community members said these acts of violence have worsened due to guns and conflict.

“We never had these problems. Now if you live Shady Oaks, people in Vernon Addition don’t like you. We all grew up together. Our parents went to school together. Put the guns down kids,” said Derrick Evans.

Some said changes should be made in the way parents raise their children.

“A lot of these kids watch videos and live fast life right now, but it all starts with house, too. It all starts with the parents. They have to know what’s going on in their kids life,” said Adrian Smith.

“Parents are the most important thing. If the parents aren’t in the child’s life, that’s the biggest problems. All of my kids are grown except one, but still it starts at home with the parents at home,” said Evans.

Meanwhile, others said lawmakers must start thinking of better solutions to curb crime amongst teens.

“You can’t really judge people and you can’t speak for different households. People a raise their children how they want to. I’m going to say that, but at the same time, they took the age up to purchase tobacco from age 18 to 21. Why not take that age up to purchase guns?” said Johnson.

The shootings remain under investigation at this time.