Copiah County supervisor trying to build race horse track on property


For the past five years Copiah County District 4 Supervisor Kenneth Powell says he’s been trying to get permission to build a horse racing track on his 11-acre property off of Highway 27.

Thursday night he met with Crystal Springs’ board of adjustment to get approval of this half mile track within his zoning rights.

“Everybody is more than welcome to come in and have a fun time together,” says Powell.

During the meeting two people raised their hands in favor of the horse track.

“It will help the kids and keep the kids out of trouble and they will have somewhere to go to enjoy themselves,” says Clyde Miller, resident.

However, about a dozen more are against the idea.

“When is it going to stop? How many times do we have to say we don’t want that mess here,” says Patricia McKinney, resident.

Powell says this track won’t be for business purposes, won’t have alcohol, gambling or music and the racing will only happen during the day.

People who live in the Bankhead Lane area say they think it will bring trouble.

“There’s going to be nothing down there, but drunks, shootings. I can tell you right now what it’s going to be and the traffic going down that was is going to be a mess,” says McKinney.

After hearing everyone’s concerns and reasons why the horse racing track shouldn’t be built, the board of adjustments voted in favor of Powell since his plans comply with the zoning regulations.

“I know I can’t satisfy everyone but I’ll do my best,” says Powell.

The next step is for this case to go before the city board for approval before a race can start.

The next board meeting is the second Tuesday of the month.

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