Corinth School District heads back to the classroom


CORINTH, Miss. (WJTV) – The Corinth School District started school Monday, one of the first districts in the country to head back to the classroom in the pandemic.

Even in the coronavirus pandemic, the Corinth School District stuck with its normal start date on its year-round schedule.

“They surveyed the parents and have made everyone aware of all the precautions they’re taking so I was more okay with it than I was reserved about it,” said parent Brandi Butler.

Butler has a child in fourth grade and two in fifth and eighth grades.

She says essentially they’ve been in quarantine for five months, and it was time for her kids to go back to school.

Superintendent Lee Childress was pleased with how the first day went.

“We saw that many of the safety measures we put in place worked as we thought they would work,” said Childress. “The thermal scanners worked to where we were checking everyone’s temperatures as they arrived at the building. We had all children scanned and in the classrooms by 8 o’clock so that was definitely a test and accomplishment.”

Childress says about 13-15 percent are taking part in the virtual option, but most chose the traditional approach.

“We’re trying to help keep doors and windows open to cross ventilate, lots of hand washing, hand sanitizer, disinfecting in the buildings,” said Childress. “All of those types of things are in place so we’re going to see how it goes.”

Math teacher Alesha Knight at Corinth High School says this is nothing like she’s ever experienced.

“The district did provide the students with two masks each and the teachers also have masks and we also have the clear face shields,” said Knight. “Students who you know really want to see our mouths, maybe read lips sometimes and we have to make accommodations for that, then we’re able to have the clear face shields.”

Knight says the students are complying and taking all the pandemic-related adjustments in stride.

When asked if the district will have fall sports, the superintendent said they will if allowed by the MHSAA. Alcorn County has 278 coronavirus cases.


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