Corinth St. tenants and landlord voice concerns about ditch


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — What started out as a leak turned into an unsightly and unpleasant smelling pit that is plaguing people living on Corinth St.

Rickey Archie owns 50% of the properties on one particular block… he said about two months ago he noticed the leak and dug up the area around it to stop it, which turned it into a puddle. He believes it’s contaminated.

Archie said it’s impacted everybody living on the street and that it’s the City of Jackson’s responsibility to tend to it, but he says no one has responded to any of their requests in the last two months.

“I wanna see something happen,” Archie said.

This eye and nose sore has made the property behind it unlivable, putting a dent in Archie’s revenue.

“The longer this goes on the more money I’m losing,” Archie said. “Where is the tenant gonna park? Who wants to move into a neighborhood where you’ve got sewage live right here?”

You can still smell the leak from about 500 away, and it is just as pungent there as it is right in front of it. Tenants and landlords are saying that they’re concerned about their health, especially their children’s.

“I have a one-year-old,” Shuwanda Harris said. “So he comes out here and thinks that’s water to play in so he actually fell in there, so I had to go strip him of all his clothes sand throw them in the trash.”

A similar thing happened to Harris’ daughter a few days later.

“I had to strip of all her clothes and throw them in the trash!” Harris said. “So that’s cost me money because I have to keep buying clothes and shoes.”

Vickie Wooten said it’s not fair to the children–who are already out of school– to not be able to play in their own front yards because of pit.

“I don’t wanna move,” Wooten said. “We’re like family over here… but if this keeps going on… we can’t continue to buy clothes and do all that.”

Archie said he’s happy to take charge, he just needs responses and direction from the city to get the ball rolling.


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