JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – What started as a single person infected in the city of Wuhan, China has grown close to a pandemic as the Coronavirus spreads worldwide.

Not only killing thousands of people, but this new disease is taking tolls on Wall Street.

While there are no active cases of the Coronavirus in Mississippi according to the Department of Health, its effects are still making a presence here with Jackson State canceling study abroad trips to China, and drops in the stock market trickling down to our pockets.

In China, the ground zero nation of the coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has infected almost 78,000 people in the course of a couple of months.

This same illness has made its way to 26 other countries. Some of the worse being South Korea and Italy where 229 cases have been reported around the nation’s largest city Milan and Venice. Creating a lockdown, businesses and tourism are left at a standstill.

While the Coronavirus puts many in Europe on edge, here in the U.S 53 people have been diagnosed with the disease, including 18 new cases on Monday alone.

In places like California and next door in Anniston, AL. Communities are arguing over who should take patients in for treatments.

“At this time the CDP is no longer going to be a site where Coronavirus patients will be transported,” Mayor of Anniston Jack Draper said.

In all this the global economy is also showing signs of illness, airlines like American and Delta saw the highest percentage in stock lost. Other companies have been forced to cut off flights to China.

On Wall Street, the DOW dropped nearly 1,000 points erasing all of the gains of 2020. The worse numbers in two years.

This is a time to visit your strategy, visit your plan, see if anything needs to be changed,” one Stock Broker told CBS News. “If you do need some help, speak with a financial advisor. Thinking long term is the best mind frame to have.”

In the wake of this downfall, President Trump took to twitter assuring the public the Coronavirus is “under control” in America and the stock market to him is starting to “look very good.”

When requesting an interview on how to prepare for any cases of coronavirus possibly coming to Mississippi the Department of Health directed us to their website on what the public should know. You can find all that information by clicking here.