Coronavirus: The Questions people are asking


Mississippi, (WJTV) Coronavirus has yet to make a name in Mississippi, but it hasn’t stopped people from raising questions or preparing.

Mississippi Board of Pharmacy’s Susan McCoy said when anything like this happen, people want to know how it’s transmitted, how contagious it is, and how they protect themselves and their families.

Hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, Clorox cough and cold medicine are the most popular items sold in regards to prevention. Facemasks are also high on the list, but according to the CDC and McCoy, if your not sick, you shouldn’t wear them. McCoy said, “people are panicking, people are going out and buying masks, the masks themselves do not help you from getting the virus they do help prevent transmission if you have acquired the virus She also says, if you start showing symptoms it is okay to take cold medicine but as testing becomes more available in the states, you should go to the doctor.

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