Could Deion Sanders being hired soon lead to Jackson State getting a new stadium?


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On the first day of the 21st head coach of Jackson State Football, Deion Sanders getting hired the city council members are motivated to get back to plans on building the team a new stadium.

This project would have to go through several levels up through the state before being approved, but Jackson City Council members brought it up in their meeting.

With a coach at the helm of their program determined to help sell out their current stadium seating more than 60,000 people members of the Jackson City Council are calling for the team to get a new stadium.

“Alcorn has a stadium, Ole Miss, Mississippi Valley, you know everyone else has their own stadium,” Councilman DeKeither Stamps said. “It is beyond time for Jackson State University to have a Tigers Den right here in the City of Jackson.”

The idea has come up several times in years past but never budgeted with state legislators or the university. This time around the City of Jackson is pledging money of their own.

“We put on the table for the city to put $1 million for construction costs of Jackson State Stadium,” Councilman Stamps continued. “It got tabled at the last council meeting, it’s going to come up this next council meeting.”

“We have to have consistent discussions with the Administration of Jackson State University,” Councilman Aaron Banks added. “And on the other hand have consistent conversation with the Alumni Base. One of the most important things is IHL sitting at the table and then the city will see how we work.”

The current proposals have the facility built as a dome and house many different events, but also a shelter for evacuations putting more federal funds to pick up the tab.

“It could be used as an evacuation holding facility for those who evacuate from Grand Gulf,” Councilman Banks said. “Which means there’s federal money that we could be used toward that. Some around $1.6 million annually.”

Purposed locations would be somewhere next to campus or where the abandoned Metro Center Mall sits. As for Veterans Memorial Stadium, the city and UMMC hope to tear it down and put up new hospital facilities for more bed space.

Many fans of Tiger World would not see this as a surprise under Athletic Director Ashley Robinson’s leadership, before leaving Prarie View A&M he oversaw the school getting a new football stadium and basketball plus volleyball arena built.


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