JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Jackson Police are still searching for the person responsible for killing 53-year-old Daniel Bell Jr. in a hit and run accident Thursday on Lampton Avenue and Rockdale Drive.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes held a news conference Sunday evening with the victim’s family urging that whoever committed the act of violence to come forward.

“We’re asking the person to turn themselves in because once we get information and arrest you, that’s not the time the time to say it was an accident. If it was an accident say then come out and say it was an accident,” said Councilman Stokes.

Tracie Bell, the victim’s sister, also expressed her concern and the need to know who would run her brother over with a vehicle.

“Who does this to a human being– a coward, that’s what you are, a coward. If you are not a coward let me know. Come forward and show your face,” said Bell.

Stokes shared that he plans to have a reward offered at the next city council meeting for anyone who can provide information or tips that will lead to an arrest.