Councilman Stokes proposes budget increase for JPD


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Hiring more police officers and increasing their pay is what Councilman Kenneth Stokes is advocating for as a solution to Jackson’s crime problem.

Stokes believes adding more officers and detectives to investigate and solve murders is one strategy that will make citizens feel safe.

“We got to get more officers on the street. By putting more on the street, we give promotion exams and then get more detectives to solve these crimes. But we can’t sit back and bury our head in the sand and ignore that we have a killing problem in Jackson, Mississippi. We got to do something.”

Councilman also the requests primarily stems from his growing concern about the high murder rate just within the first three months of 2020.

“We have too much money in the city of Jackson that’s not being utilized, and when I say it’s not utilized I mean they never spend it in a budget year. At the end of the budget year he goes into what they call a fund balance and that means it’s just extra money. We need help at the police department and there’s no room for extra money.”

While Stokes understands that the requests will cost additional funds, he hopes state or federal government can pitch in to provide financial assistance to the city.

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