Councilman Stokes requests to have more officers on duty


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes says the murder of 5-year-old Queenyana Davis cannot go unsolved.

The mother of Queenyana Davis attended Councilman Kenneth Stokes’ news conference expressing that there is a slow response to violence in Jackson.

Elizabeth Davis says first responders were attending to others that were shot on the day of Queenyana’s murder. She claims they overlooked her daughter.

“What about my baby, she’s just lying here, what about my baby, no one said nothing,” said Davis.

She says she was visiting her sister at Wood Village Apartments on April 15, when a stray bullet killed her daughter.

“Enough people are losing their lives and for someone to lose their life for a senseless crime and no one is coming forth, I really think that people should practice due diligence and go out there and just talk,” said a friend of the family.

Councilman Stokes believes more officers are needed on the force. He says more must be done to get the suspect off the streets.

“The person they were shooting at as she said, they did not get shot or anything. You’ve got to get that person off the street because that person is going to do it again. They feel like they have a green light to kill and murder. If they murdered a five child and nothing is being done,” said Stokes.

He says more must be done to get the suspect off the streets.

12 News reached out to Jim Pollard with AMR about their procedure for responding to shootings. He says AMR’s hearts are with all families who have lost loved ones to acts of violence. Pollard also said they prioritize trauma patients according to physician-approved protocols. And when there are multiple patients, they send multiple ambulances.

Councilman Stokes proposed an additional $2,500 reward on top of the city’s $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in Queenyana’s case.

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