Councilman Stokes urges crews to repair ongoing sewage issue on Prosperity Street


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Community members living on Prosperity Street in Jackson said they have dealt with raw sewage problems for a year and can no longer continue to smell the unpleasant odor.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes held a news conference with residents Saturday afternoon to hear them express their concerns.

Annie Shepherd a neighbor living along Prosperity Street shared how badly it impacts her daily living.

“It takes up half of the street. We are smelling sewage all in our house,” said Shepherd.

“If I open my window it’s coming all through the house and that don’t feel right,” expressed Adell Jones, who also lives near the sewage.

Councilman Stokes said there is no reason crews should have avoided repairing the sewage this long and is demanding the city to fix it immediately.

“We are sick and tired of excuses. ‘Oh we don’t have enough money’, ‘we can do this,’ but if this happens in other parts of the city they would go fix it right away,” said Stokes. “We are saying that these tax payers deserve the same respect. Come fix this problem. Don’t give us excuses. Fix it.”

Stokes adds that years ago this issue occurred and crews fixed it, however, since it has happened again, it has not been repaired yet.

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