Crews complete day one of cleaning debris from water plant


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – All day the City of Jackson has been dealing with a voluntary city wide boil water advisory, some even with no pressure to pump water through their sinks.

It began at 1:15 P.M. this afternoon when the public works department issued the advisory after piles of debris backed up into the netting system under the plant significantly lowering the pressure.

Unlike pipes busting or a water main break, the problem circles back to wheres its treated at the O.B Curtis Water Plant.

“The restriction is at the source of supply into the water treatment plant,” Bob Miller of Jackson Public Works explained. “So once we are able to get water into the treatment plant we’ll be able to get water out of the plant.”

The city plant is seeing debris from past flooding and storms making its way into the raw water intake screens. Lowering incoming pressure, affecting around 60,000 customers in Jackson.

“Driftwood or things like that has passed its way through the bar screens at the intake,” Miller continued. “Those bar screens are about three inches apart, but the smaller things have got through there.”

Now the only way to get the filters cleared and fix the equipment is three divers going under water to clear the way.

“We want to be up in the 80’s or so fourth as far as pressure coming out consistently,” City Engineer Dr. Charles Williams stated. “And right now we’re not consistent with that. And so we know people are going out of water or have very little coming out of their faucets.”

“We will reopen the plant up acknowledging that they’ve removed the obstacles,” Miller said. “And then we’ll get back at it tomorrow working from the reservoir to the plant.”

In the future Jackson Public Works tells us they’ve already approved a project to add more barriers to the screening to hold back debris which is expected to take place next month.

As of 5:00 P.M. all crews have packed up and left the O.B Curtis Treatment Facility while the boil water advisory remains in affect. For details on how to conserve your water don’t take long showers or baths, avoid washing cars, and multiple loads of laundry.

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