12 News Exclusive: Ride along with Jackson police officer

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Sergeant Christian Vance and 12 News’ Kayla Thompson started their ride along with a call about loud music. Vance said this is the moment interpersonal communications matter.

“You get out the car on one, you get out the car on two. You have room to grow, and then we can use other methods of communication at our disposal and try to get an understanding because really it’s cliché, but understanding is the best thing in the world,” he stated.

“I pay rent, and I work everyday. You can’t tell me that I respect you at a certain time. I know when it’s dark, and you get off work, I will cut my music off. But when you get off work in the daytime, that don’t mean you can call the police on me,” said the man, who the call was about.

After some conversating there was an understanding and a loving exchange.

“It’s not one size fits all. They want to throw more bodies at the problem or throw this and that at the problem. You have to understand what’s going on and what are the immediate needs of the community,” said Vance.

Thompson and Vance visited a business owner who is an outlet for many.

“It’s so much going on and so many things– these group of folks and these groups of folks– but maybe if we all come together and come up with one common goal then maybe we can move forward.”

From here, they headed to a mental health call where a person showed up to the fire station for help.

“Generally in situations like this, ourselves and AMR will respond to it and the person will go to the hospital. The main thing is keeping everybody safe and make sure this person gets the help they need.”

Next, they headed back to the precinct for a check-in of 11 officers on the shift. Only five were at work on Friday which means things will be a little tougher to manage.

“I have a meet complainant call it’s not specific, a shots fired call there’s a possible suspect vehicle that fled the scene, and I also have a disturbance call that’s holding and all my units are currently tied up.”

During the ride along, there were at least seven domestic calls, two shots fired calls, five disturbance calls and two meet complainant calls. Due to the lack of officers and activity, it took longer to get to certain calls, but an officer answered every call until the end of the ride along at 12:30 a.m.

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