JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson police are investigating multiple shootings that have happened in the city in recent days.

At least six shootings have taken place over the past three days. The shootings began Sunday night when police say 26-year-old Booker Tarvin was shot and killed at Pine Ridge Gardens Apartments on Rebel Woods Drive.

On Tuesday morning, police said 20-year-old Charles Blackman was shot in both legs while inside a vehicle parked in a Waffle House parking lot on Highway 18. He was taken to the hospital and is believed to be okay.

Police are also investigating after a teenager was found dead after being shot in his bed at a home on Myers Avenue Tuesday. The teen has been identified as 18-year-old Lagavin Jenkins.

The Better Men Society, an organization dedicated to fighting crime, said stopping the gun violence begins at home.

“The first point is that we got to continue to put love into their hearts, so they can be able to have self-love and be able to have love for others. So, number two is we got to be able to find a conflict resolution, teach them how to solve a conflict. I would say, you know, we got to teach them in that manner that they’re we’re not to enemy,” said president of the Better Men Society, Christopher Cooper. “Number three is they we got to put things into their hands other than guns, like a paintbrush or a lawnmower or a chainsaw or something of that nature, to be able to give them a skill set, so they can be able to be instead of shooting. They can be working and providing for themselves.”

No arrests have been made in these shootings. Shootings were also reported on Ellis Avenue and Lynch Street, as well as Lanier Avenue this week.