JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Robert Davis is the community leader that heads Better Men Society in Jackson. He started the organization in 2000 to be a beacon of hope and a resource to those living in underserved communities across Mississippi.

“I tell mothers all the time if you give me your young men I’m going to give you your success back,” he said.

Davis has already become a positive influence for Jackson teens Markeith Buck and Terason Person.

“It has helped me stay off the streets and help my mama and stuff,” said Buck.

“I’m just trying to help my mom with the bills, that’s why I got the job,” said Person.

Davis wants to show that there is an option to being a successful and productive citizen without getting involved in crime.

“All these young men, they seem to know where the drug dealers at because the drug dealers are in their faces. The guys with the guns are in their faces, so in the Better Men Society, we try to make ourselves visible,” said Davis.

Feeding the homeless, visiting the sick and cleaning up abandoned buildings are just a few activities they take part in.

“We go into the schools to read to the kids. We provide securities for mom and pop stores and for small churches who can’t afford security. We help guys gets their GEDs and provide jobs for young me. We do basically do anything positive that we can get our hands on,” he said.

Davis said being a positive role model to young men is important because what they see is what they will become.

“There’s a difference between a male and a man. They follow males that are doing negative things that are leading them down the wrong road but when you show them a man, it’s easy for them to make the turn and do the right thing,” Davis stated.

Better Men Society has seven chapters in Mississippi and are in 13 additional states and two countries. Davis said he plans to continue to target more places on the map and more people who need the help.