Digital First Special: Panel discusses solutions to crime in the community

Crime Crisis: Focused on Solutions

All month long, WJTV 12 is Focused on Solutions to the crime crisis.

To that end, we brought together a group of people from different backgrounds and all walks of life.  A local sheriff, a former inmate-turned-mentor, an educator, a coach, and a local woman working with current inmates.  

WJTV 12’s Walt Grayson & JSU’s Dr. Elayne Anthony moderate our discussion  – all focused on finding answers to an age-old problem.  

One of the answers could be as simple as just getting to know your neighbor.  Watch our  ‘Focused on Solutions’ webcast right here on beginning Friday, May 25th at 6 pm.

We’d like to welcome and thank our panelists for being a part of our ‘Focused on Solutions’ initiative.

  • Dr. Elayne Hayes-Anthony, she heads the Journalism & Media Studies Department at Jackson State University.  She serves as the co-host for this discussion along with Walt Grayson.
  • Dr. Etta Morgan heads the criminal justice department at Jackson State University – and is a powerful voice for criminal justice reform
  • Tim Wilson is the head coach of Provine High. He understands his job is not just about wins and losses but, also about changing lives, in some cases providing direction for kids who desperately need it. 
  • Bryan Bailey offers a different perspective.  The sheriff of Rankin County.  He’s held that post for 8 years.  The crime situation there may be different from Jackson but his viewpoint is vitally important. Sharing lessons learned as we look for a solution to crime metro-wide.
  • Terun Moore-  not long ago, the idea of visiting a coffee shop – or any shop for that matter was a distant memory  At 17, Terun was put away for life. A murder conviction put him behind bars, with no possibility of parole.  It took a supreme court decision but now he’s out on parole, trying to make sure he doesn’t go back while making sure others can learn from him. Terun is a part of Jackson’s credible messenger program using his experience to convince young people to stay on the right path.
  • Kristie Shanks is an 8-year employee with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department.  She heads up the female trustee program.  The job gives her an opportunity to work with inmates behind bars and get them ready for life on the outside.

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