JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A local organization is calling for violent gangs to put their guns down.

The New Black Panther Party is asking violent gangs to stop harming their own neighborhoods. As the capital city continues to reap the effects of violent gangs, the group is pushing for people to unite in protecting and uplifting their communities.

According to members of the organization, they’re working to combat the hardships many face in underrepresented communities.

“Let’s not be our own worst enemy. Let’s be creative. Let’s build. Let’s provide a better future for the youth. Instead of allowing them to deteriorate, we have to set the tone. We can’t sit back and say it’s not our problem. It can become your problem. It can come sit at your doorstep,” said New Black Panther Party’s General Taylormade.

“Put the guns down. Stop killing your people. Learn how to unite in your community,” said New Black Panther Party’s Steven Harris.

The group will be hosting a series of events throughout the weekend of Juneteenth around Mississippi to celebrate the holiday.