JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba and top law enforcement officers joined City Councilman Brian Grizzell for a Ward 4 Crime Summit Tuesday night.

Leaders said they wanted to meet with neighbors to discuss the city’s crime crisis and potential solutions. Police provided statistics and data driven numbers about crime in Jackson.

City leaders admitted crime is a complex issue, and the solution may even be more complicated.

“The FBI did a study. Homicides are up 30% all across America,” said Police Chief James Davis.

This year, there have been more than 120 homicides in Jackson. Davis said most of the cases have been solved.

“We’ve solved 78 of the 126 homicides. Eighty-five percent or more are disputes in a personal relationship,” he stated.

“The Jackson Police Department has an above the national average crime solve ability rate. When crimes take place by in large, our officers are finding who committed the crime and trying to mitigate,” said Lumumba.

However, solving the crime is only part of the solution. Another major solution is the limited ability to house criminals.

“We haven’t had a misdemeanor holding facility jail since March of last year, so what we’re witnessing is misdemeanors becoming felonies,” said Davis.

The limited jail space results in officers having to field released offenders, and at times, leading people to taking justice into their own hands.

“So when that individual continues to walk the streets, justice happens. Eighty-five percent of all crimes are domestic disputes, and we don’t have an answer,” stated the police chief.

“We’re out of space because our trial docket is not moving swiftly enough. It’s estimated that it’s about three years back on trials. Many of these cases can’t go to trial because they haven’t finished processing evidence because the State Crime Lab,” said Lumumba.

Interim Hinds County Sheriff Marshand Crisler proposed working with surrounding counties to assist in housing criminals, but neighbors said they want to see more preventative measures in place.

Precinct commanders at the town hall said they are going to resume community meetings to keep people informed about criminal activity in their neighborhoods.