JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson leaders are discussing ways to tackle crime in the city.

Jackson City Council President Virgi Lindsay is said she is contacting as many law enforcement agencies as possible that can help the city fight crime.

Jackson Police Department Chief James Davis said he is calling on Capitol police to step up patrol in their designated areas. He mentioned a drive-by shooting that occurred in October when Governor Tate Reeves said he could hear the gunshots in the Capitol Complex.

In July, Reeves created a public safety initiative that allowed the Department of Public Safety to take on an increased role in Jackson.

“We just want them to hold true to that. If you’re responsible for the Capitol Complex, just own it,” said Davis. “Work the crimes, but still, we have many homicides that happen in the Capital Complex. Capitol police did not work any.”

“The public safety initiative was meant to supplement the City of Jackson and Jackson Police Department’s efforts to fight crime. It was never intended to be used as a way for the city to shirk their existing responsibilities,” said Mississippi Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell.

Lindsay said the city desperately needs assistance from state and federal agencies.