JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba said if crime is going to stop in the city, people need to work together to find real solutions.

During a news conference on Monday, the mayor equated gun violence to a disease that’s spreading across Jackson. However, he said the city plays a role in curing it.

There have been five homicides in the City of Jackson in 2022. Police said three of the five homicides were interpersonal or domestic-related. Lumumba said there needs to be a crime interruption in the community, and neighbors need to come together to help make a difference.

“Just as much as we talk about who got murdered and who was involved each day, we should because the community needs to be informed. We also need to be talking with the same level of varsity over what the solutions are and how we get community involved, so I invite you as we enter 2022 and turn a new page to write that and incorporate that into our story,” he stated.

He added that gun violence centers around youth.

“Those that have either been victimized by crime or those who have been suspected of perpetrating crime have been some of our younger demographics in our city,” he said.

Leaders with Strong Arms of Jackson said young people need positive role models.

“Who better to lead these young men and woman away from the life that they’re heading down than someone whose been there and done that. We get with these kids and we mentor them. We have a curriculum that we go by and we have our circle meetings and we dig deep into what’s going on in these kids’ lives,” said Strong Arms of Jackson’s Benny Ivey.

The mayor said there will be a second part the a crime summit, so leaders can work on the short and long term goals for curbing crime.