JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Law enforcement officers are sounding the warning bell about youth crime, and they’re encouraging everyone to be part of the solution.

With youth school age children committing violent, heinous crimes in Jackson, some believe a lack of resources and interest in educational development can lead youth down the wrong path.

“I think the kids need to be active and school active and extracurricular sports. I think electronics need to go away, and I think that kids need to get outside and play and be children again,” said one person.

Others believe the loss of community has derailed the youth and the way to reel them back in is through accountability and discipline.

A father of two told WJTV 12 News constructive activities should be provided to the youth to get keep them occupied and engaged.

“Number one, it starts at the house, at the home. Mom and dad, you know, be more responsible for what their young people are doing. And also, as a city and as a county, we need to have things that more options for them, things that they can do that are positive, just be visible. A lot of us in leadership need to, you know, take leadership and start dealing with our young people in their lives,” the parent said.