JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There have been 84 homicides in the City of Jackson as of August 3, 2022.

In order to help address the crime crisis in the city, Jackson recently received funds from the National League of Cities and the Wells Fargo Foundation to help establish upcoming violence prevention organizations like Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery.

Leaders of established gun prevention organizations and neighbors are concerned for the future of Jackson due to the violent crimes.

Fred Womack, program director for Operation Good, said the organization strives to help the people, especially the youth of Jackson, to find ways to prevent being in situations that lead to violence.

“By us being involved, you learn about so much going on. As a community, we need to start paying attention to these kids to stop violence before it occurs,” said Womack.

He believes that increasing the number of supportive organizations in the City of Jackson, like Operation Good, is a good start to decrease the number of violent crimes.

“You’ll have seven people dead over a $400 gun,” said Womack. “We try to help individuals really think, ‘Is seeing someone dead, you be dead, or spending the rest of your life in jail worth $400?'”

The Wells Fargo Foundation will distribute $170,000 to groups already in existence in Jackson. New organizations can have the opportunity to apply for possible funding.