JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson police have a new plan to help crackdown on crime in the city.

Police Chief James Davis said the department started a new initiative to add more checkpoints in Jackson. Several checkpoints were set up across the city on Friday, including a checkpoint on West McDowell Road near Belvedere Drive.

Officers checked for insurance, weapons and drugs.

“We’re coming out here to show the community we’re out here. In return, we’re catching a lot of individuals that have no driver’s license, no insurance, illegal guns. We are taking those individuals to jail, and we’re towing their cars,” stated Davis.

Police also used K-9s at the checkpoints. They made at least six arrests. Davis said the goal is to get criminals off the streets to make the city safer for everyone.

According to Chief Davis, more checkpoints will be popping up weekly throughout the year.