JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Twenty-six days into the year 2022 and nearly ten people have lost their lives to violence in the city. People in Jackson believe more community resources will reduce the crime rate while the Jackson Police Department is working on a solution of its own.

Tuesday night, a shooting near Homewood Suites in Fondren left one man dead. Hours earlier a shooting in broad daylight in downtown Jackson, resulted in two people being injured.

The violence on Lamar Street was captured on camera by the Jackson Real Time Command Center.

“On our Fusus platform we’re able to capture footage of different incidents like the one on yesterday and able to share that and use it as an investigative tool to help whatever agency that is doing the investigation,” said JPD officer Sam Brown.

That incident happened in the capitol complex improvement district and is being investigated by capitol police. JPD has since shared that footage with the investigative agency.

JPD is calling for local businesses to join their platform to assist in crime fighting efforts.

“Once the businesses get involved and be apart of the platform then a lot of that we won’t necessarily have to go and knock on doors. so the more businesses that get on board with this Fusus platform then the better it works, the better the system works,” said Officer Brown.

Under the Fusus platform, security footage from businesses will anonymously be fed directly to the real time command center.

However, people living in Jackson want to see more solutions than an increased police presence.

“I would say community gatherings would be great, have people get involved through activities in Fondren.”

“City officials need to get out in the streets and show like they really care about the people. get out and do things with them and show them that it’s more to life than doing all this other stuff.”

People in Jackson also feel bringing more revenue and higher paying jobs will also lower the crime rate.

JPD is asking for funding to continue adding more cameras in the city. The Jackson police Department goal is to add about 200 more cameras throughout downtown and surrounding areas. As of now the Real Time Command Center has access to about 600 cameras around the city.