JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson has seen another year of record breaking homicides.

The people that are actively working to resolve the criminal action said it’s time to stop talking and get to work. The advocates called for the communities to get involved and work together to try to change the criminal mentality in Jackson.

“Everybody’s having a conversation about the violence but this is a conversation about the solution,” said one person.

On Thursday, the People’s Advocacy Group held a community meeting at Sykes Community Park to shine light on working solutions.

“In order to tackle violence, we had to tackle mental health; the lack of mental health resources. We have to tackle the lack of youth development programs. We have to tackle the lack of behavioral health programs to help us make better decisions in our lives,” said Rukia Lumumba of People’s Advocacy Group.

In the last year, several organizations were created to help end violence in the communities.

“We got outreach workers, and we got violence interrupters. A violence interrupter mainly focus on mediation. We focus on stopping the shooting and killing on the front end. Once it happens, we stop retaliation. The outreach workers have a case load of about 15 to 20 applicants. They help them get back in school, with anger management. They help them with this they help them with that, but the key is help people with what they want help in,” said said a representative for Cure Violence.

The Cure For Violence Group primarily works in South Jackson and has already made a significant impact in the Oak Forest Community.

“In a 10 block radius zone, they’ve been able to prevent and decrease gun violence in that area. Over 165 days with no gun violence in that zone,” said Lumumba.

The goal of the meeting held Thursday night was to unify the groups currently working on crime solutions and let people in the community know how they can join the cause.