Deadline to sign up for health insurance fast approaching


MISSISSIPPI (WHLT)- The deadline to sign up for health insurance is quickly approaching, and for the first time you can expect to receive a warning letter from the IRS if you have yet to do so. Debbie Smith, Health Help Hattiesburg Program Manager, tells us “it’s around 7 million people who are receiving the letter.”

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law under the Obama Administration. Despite official’s attempt to appeal the Affordable Care Act, it is currently still in place. The penalty for not signing up, ” is 695 per adult, and just under 350 bucks for each child in the household or it’s 2.5 of their income whichever is greater,” says Smith.

Smith also says Mississippi has seen a decline from last year’s enrollment compared to the rest of the country. That decrease is believed to be caused by the attrition rate, “that means a lot of people dropped their coverage, they may of enrolled in a plan but they didn’t actually pay their premium.”

January 31st is the last day you can sign up for health insurance; you can contact Health Help Mississippi at 601-264-8686.

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