Delta State University/Gautier shootings suspect dead


CLEVELAND, MS – Police say the suspect in two fatal shootings is dead.

Police say Shannon Lamb was found crossing the MS River Bridge in Greenville, MS. Authorities followed him after the license plate number of his vehicle was picked up by a license plate reading device. Lamb pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, got out, and fled.

He later killed himself by shooting himself in the head, police say. Authorities say, he previously said that he was not going to go to jail.

Police were searching for Lamb in connection to two homicides that happened around September 14, 2015. In the first shooting, he was suspected of shooting and killing 41-year-old Amy Prentiss, who was reportedly his girlfriend. In the second shooting, he was suspected of shooting and killing Delta State University professor, Dr. Ethan Schmidt. Schmidt was killed on campus.

Lamb was employed at DSU. Police say Lamb and Schmidt knew each other and were colleagues at the school.

“It was not our intention for it to happen this way, but it was his decision,” said Chief Bingham.

The President of Delta State University, William N. LaForge tweeted:

Classes remain canceled for Tuesday. A vigil will be held at 7pm Tuesday night for Professor Schmidt.

Law enforcement could not say during a recent press conference whether Lamb had a criminal, drug use, or mental illness history.

DSU’s president says Lamb had recently asked for a reduced load based on medical reasons.

Investigators will not comment on a motive. There have been rumors circulating, but right now police simply won’t comment on any of that. The investigation is ongoing.

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