Delta Technical College Administration take us on-campus showing COVID-19 prevention steps


RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – On Tuesday 12 News brought you a story on students at Delta Technical College very concerned over Coronavirus cases spiking on campus.

This morning we heard from administration and they’re disputing claims that students who tested positive are still coming back to campus and all necessary protocols are in place.

We were granted access into the campus facility where the president assured everyone has their temperature taken, is provided a mask, and hand sanitizer. While not disputing there have been cases with students who say everything they’re doing follows CDC guidelines.

As we walked into the Ridgeland campus of Delta Technical College we were greeted by the president and receptionist who took our temperatures. Stating it’s a constant practice to keep the threat of COVID-19 minimal.

Coronavirus prevention guidelines posted around Delta Technical College hallways for students to follow.

“I’ll go on record definitely saying we do not have students who are positive at the campus or who are sick,” Trishe Haworth, Vice President of Marketing explained.

But cell phone video obtained by 12 News captured Friday afternoon shows one student walking right in a side entrance with no employee to check temperatures. The Administrators explained they loosened the policy while cases died down but just changed it back Monday making all students come in the front door to get checked.

“Our standard practice has always been that everyone goes through one door and we have a receptionist taking temperatures,” Haworth claimed. “And we actually have a sandwich board out there explaining if you’re sick don’t come in.”

No students were present at the campus when we came but every staff member was masked up with pixie glass separating them during meetings. Maintenance was also disinfecting rooms and hallways.

Pixie glass separating staff from students at Delta Technical College Ridgeland Campus.

“Our instructors clean in the classroom, our admissions, financial aid team, and receptionist after every meeting or new appointment they clean those areas,” Haworth added. “Which are the high traffic areas or touchpoints.”

Students and concerned parents claim otherwise. Some in the day-time medical assistant class sent us emails from professors ordering all students to come in Wednesday to pick up books. “No exceptions.” And required to attend “labs on site.” After the course switched online with as many as five students testing positive. But administration specified they will offer alternatives for students positive with covid.

“We individually work with the students and we offer them to have online courses,” Haworth continued. “And based on their particular situations we have a lot of particular options available to them. We work together and so we treat it case by case.”

Aasia Crockett, who’s nine months pregnant and spoke to us Tuesday after she tested positive like others in her medical assistant class claims she’s still waiting to hear updates on her labs and new books.

“I’ve reached out to them and no one reached out to me or tried to give me a callback,” Crockett told us. “I’m still waiting. I don’t want to go up there because I don’t want to put anyone at risk and I don’t want to send anyone up there cause I don’t want them at risk.”

Delta Technical College Administrators also denied claims in group chats accusing an instructor of telling students multiple people had tested positive. They say that would violate company privacy rules. They also defended their response time moving the medical assistant class online this week after students came forward Friday.

Trishe Haworth added the school will not punish or take any actions against the students who came forward to speak with us. To learn the students’ issues on this and Delta Technical College’s full response click here.


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