Department of Environmental Quality votes to delay approval of Madison County landfill


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Plans to build a third landfill in Madison County is still up in the air after advocates and the company NCL Waste brought their arguments to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

The plan will be discussed more after growing concerns from the public were raised.

After seven hours of statements from the NCL Waste legal team, the public, and questions from MDEQ. The department’s board voted 4-2 to table the motion of building the new landfill until January’s meeting.

Environmental activists and locals who live around North County Line road received a temporary victory with this decision by the Environmental Quality Board.

“This is so critical for the citizens of Madison County,” Sylvia Thomas of Ridgeland said. “And it’s always better to take some time and give it a little bit more thought and considerations for those things.”

“We’re confident in the technical merits of our application,” Attorney John Burnini of NCL Waste stated. “And we want to answer any questions the board as if it takes them a little more time.”

The proposal brought forth by NCL Waste would build another dump facility off North County Line Road less than a couple of miles from the Little Dixie Landfill. Homeowners in the area have strong opposition.

“My children and grandchildren would be out playing in the next 40-50 years with these gas fumes out in my yard,” Cynthia McGilberry of Woodlands Springs told us. “My grandson asked for a sliding board for Christmas, I still was almost in tears because I didn’t want him out there.”

“I want to look at each one of you in the eye and ask, do you want to live next to this?” Nancy Batson said to board members. “Do you want to raise your children in an environment where gases flow frequently?”

Concerns revolved around crumbling roads in the area not being able to support more dump truck traffic, and other people claiming to be getting sick from rain runoff in the water from Little Dixie polluting the grounds.

“When waste goes into the water in any form of a pollutant that can be there it will cause mutation,” Dr. Pierbaolo Claudio of Ole Miss stated. “In our systems and mutations in DNA cause cancer.”

NCL Waste’s main argument was current landfills in the county will soon be dying off after many years of dumping and the county is in need of new plans to dispose of trash.

Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGree and his architect team with city board members were also in attendance speaking out against the landfill project. NCL Waste CEO would not comment until a final decision is made.

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