Deputy Brad Sullivan makes first public appearance at a fundraiser in his honor


MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan made his first public appearance tonight outside the hospital where he was greeted by family friends and even strangers.

On Friday, the latest charity event was held to raise funds for his recovery at the Bridlewood of Madison.

He may wear number 23 on his Sheriff Deputy badge, but once again the community of Madison County showed Brad Sullivan he’s number one in their hearts.

As the hero of the hour rolled out to be greeted by the crowd, he showed the miracle of his recovery and progress.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” Deputy Sullivan told the room. “The amount of support I have witnessed and felt all over these past three months to my friends, family, law enforcement family and the community.”

After being shot in the line of duty back in September Deputy Sullivan spent days unconcious, and hopitalized in very critical condition. But since waking up has not stopped fighting to live.

“It’s been real hard on him cause you know he had a goal set for what he was going to do,” Brad’s mother Patrcia Sullivan told us. “And he pushed himself, pushed himself, and pretty much just reached those goals. You know getting ready for a possible discharge.”

“I would like to thank the therapists at Methodist Rehabilitation,” Deputy Sullivan said. “Because if it wasn’t for them I would not be standing here today talking.”

Almost 250 people packed the Bridlewood event center where everyone was treated to good food, games, and a silent auction. All proceeds of the $100 ticketed affair going to Deputy Sullivan and his family.

“I was probably one of the first ones around the silent auction,” supporter Chris Link said. “There were some amazing silent auction items which I was so pleased to see the community that donated.”

“Very heartwarming and very appreciative of everything the community has done,” Brad’s brother Eric Parker said. “Because it’s beyond my wildest dreams of how they’ve supported him during this difficult time.”

Big names in law enforcement support also showed up from around the nation including national speaker Tomi Lahren who came from California after hearing about the shooting.

“I’m a big supporter of law enforcement,” Lahren expressed. “So anytime I get an opportunity to show some love and bring even more national attention, it’s a story of faith, its a story of resiliency of a community coming together to support one of their own.”

While at the podium Deputy Sullivan emphasized the bullets from the shooting could have hit anyone else on the Madison County Sheriff’s Office who were out there responding to the call. But he wouldn’t want the situation to end any different.

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