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Alcorn standout and Ravens running back, De'Lance Turner joins DeAngelo Marquise for an exclusive interview

Alcorn standout and Baltimore Ravens’ running back De’Lance Turner joins WJTV 12’s DeAngelo Marquise for an exclusive interview.

In the interview, Turner talks about the De’Lance Football Clinic, D-Day, the importance of giving back, being a role model, Alcorn, being sidelined due to injury, his future, and more.

De’Lance Turner Football Clinic

Saturday morning, Turner held a free football clinic which initially had 250 participants, but due to the possibility of severe weather, only 100 people showed up.

He is happy with the turnout and gives credit to other local and former Alcorn athletes for helping.

“We went over the fundamentals, techniques, and stuff that will go on with them throughout life that will help them get better and better… and better their future. So they can hopefully be college and NFL players one day.”

Turner says his whole life he dreamed of making it out and coming back to help and inspire others.

“Coming from where we come from, we don’t have too many resources to go out and do stuff. I always said I would be that person to come back and help out… you know… give kids a chance.”

Old Memories Being on High School Field

De’Lance Turner held his clinic at Perry Central High School, the school and field where it all started.

Walking onto his old field, Turner had flashbacks.

“A lot of my teammates were out there and it just brought back old memories… playing football, walking the halls… just good memories and good vibes. I just always envisioned going back to help kids better themselves.”


De’Lance Turner’s day did not stop after the camp because of D-Day.

D-Day is an event which his mom put together for everyone to come out to eat and have fun.

“I let her (mom) get her shine. It is a day for the kids and community to have fun, eat food, and socialize.”

Although rain started to pour, everyone stayed outside and enjoyed D-Day.

Importance of Giving Back

“When I was younger, I did not have any role models. No one ever just came back. So I just put it in my head that I would be the person to change that. And maybe the younger kids will have the same mindset.”

Turner says seeing his mom hustling for him, made him grind even harder so she could sit back in the future.

Injury and Future

The next season for the Baltimore Ravens is approaching and Turner is ready to turn up the heat.

“I plan on turning up to another level. Last year, I pulled a hamstring and I got IRed for the rest of the season.”

Now that he is off injured reserved, Turner’s goal for next season is to remain healthy and show the world what he can do.

A Message to Mama

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