Digital First: Safety inspections at the fair


Everything that goes up, must come down and be inspected

The lights of the midway, the Ferris Wheel, the Sky Drop, the Tilt-a-Whirl, if they go up… they can also come down. And that means taking extra precautions with not one but two safety inspections prior to opening the rides at the Mississippi State Fair. He says ensuring a good experience starts with the employees.

Digital reporter Anthony Howard caught up with Patrick Hadeley, the manager for North American Midway, the group that brings in the rides. He says they bring in a third-party inspector to make sure every bolt, every part, meets muster.

The rides aren’t the only thing that must be inspected. The Mississippi State Department of Health inspected the food vendors to make sure they are meeting health standards to keep people from becoming ill. We’ll have more on that and other stories surrounding the state fair. Check out their guide for the duration of the event by clicking here.

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