Digital First: Trying to homeschool your kids due to coronavirus? Here are some tips for parents


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on many parents trying to teach their kids while school is out. Schools across the country are canceled or closed, some indefinitely, as COVID-19 continues to spread. This has left many parents stressed or confused about what to do with them and how to keep them learning while they’re stuck at home. 

So how should parents go about homeschooling their kids? Here are some resources and tips.


For many parents, teaching their kids at home is something they’ve never had to do before. 

So, it’s important to remember that your homeschooling techniques, whatever they are, don’t have to be perfect or like regular school, experts tell media outlets. 

“You’ve been thrown into a situation that is unfamiliar and somewhat scary,” Jazmine Sanders, a educational interventionist said. “Your ‘school day’ will not be perfect, and that’s OK. Just try to remember that you’re both adjusting to something new and there will be some bumps along the way.”


Homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.

“Grocery shopping can be lessons on everything from color, shape and sizes for the young ones to multiplication and percentages for your older ones,” Alyson Nichols says. “Taking a long walk can be a lesson in botany or biology. And those experiences that you seek out become field trips that will be a blast and something special because you are schooling your children.”

You can also have kids do crafts or art projects with items you have around the house.


It’s helpful to have a daily schedule that includes learning time, chores, meals and other activities, experts say.

“Students are used to having a schedule at school, so having one at home can make the situation easier on everyone,” said Nichols.

But it’s important to make sure your family’s schedule isn’t too ambitious.

“Yes, your kids are probably used to being at school for about six hours a day,” Alyson Nichols, told 12 news. “But they aren’t doing six hours of schoolwork while they’re there.”

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