Digital First: Vicksburg family creates all natural hand sanitizer


Hand sanitizers are disappearing from the shelves of grocery stores quicker than workers can get them back on the shelf’s. A local family in Vicksburg decided to make their own called C3 natural germ killer.

Well we’re expecting kind of a different the normal hand sanitizers. I am a healthcare worker. So, a day-to-day we go with washing our hands after each patient and using hand sanitizer on the daily basis and it kind of drives are skiing. So I wanted to try to incorporate something that will clean her skin, kill the germs, as well as moisturize my skin at the same time” Joycelyn Nettle said.

Corey and Joycelyn Nettle and their three children have created C3 Natural Germ Killer and Moisturizer.

“It’s a Moisturizing hand sanitizer that cleans our hands and makes them feel like lotion,” Caiya said.

Within a day, the family sold more than ten 1.69-ounce bottles of the natural product.

If you would like to try C3 yourself, reach out to Joycelyn through her facebook page, or call her at 601-618-9548.

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