JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Hinds County Constables gave a disabled veteran a heartwarming Christmas gift.

The present was a big check to show their gratitude for his continued kindness to his community.

For one man who was willing to give his life for the entire country, people around him wanted to give back with Christmas cheer.

For his whole life Sgt. William Gilmore has invested his time, and kindness in Hinds County especially around the Capitol Street neighborhoods keeping an eye on the streets.

“Watch out for each other in the neighborhood,” Gilmore said. “Because the majority of the time when crime happens it’s people outside our neighborhood. And we just need to keep in touch with each other.”

After serving through the Vietnam War as a Sgt. in the Air Force Gilmore in the last few years suffered from peripheral artery disease costing him both his legs. But even dependent on a wheelchair doesn’t slow the man down.

“I’ve been powering through it since day one,” Gilmore continued. “I told the good lord I didn’t need no legs, I just needed to breath. I’ve been going on ever since, I’m not planning on stopping. I’m going to keep going.”

“Once you find somebody as worthy as Mr. Gilmore how else can you say thanks better?,” Constable Jerry Moore of District one told us. “Him still out here working from a porch overseeing the kids from the community and making sure they’re safe.”

Living right across the street from Barr Elementary School, Gilmore is up as early as 5:00 A.M. checking in on parents and students who walk to school. Simple acts keeping the community closer together.

“All of the parents wave every morning and every evening,” Gilmore said. “All of the kids walking they’ll wave and speak to me so I enjoy it.”

“Who worthy to have this check than a Vietnam veteran,” Constable Lawrence Funchess of District three said. “So we just decided to go and get 100% behind that.”

A total of $500, Sgt. Gilmore expects to keep Christmas as usual, spending the whole day with his family. As for how he’ll spend the money, he promises it will be something big.

A Christmas miracle indeed. We of course thank Sgt. William Gilmore of Hinds County for his service in Vietnam and wish all active and former military a safe and Merry Christmas.