Dispute between Waynesboro mayor and board of aldermen leaves the city at a standstill


WAYNESBORO, Miss.(WHLT) – The City of Waynesboro has come to a halt after the mayor and board of aldermen debate about the rehiring of city employees.

About two weeks ago the mayor did not approve the rehire for 60 people because he wanted to hire them individually, instead of in a group.

Due to this controversy the doors to city hall have closed and so has the Waynesboro Fire Department.

In Waynesboro, city employees must be rehired within six months of a new mayoral term starting. At the beginning of 2018, those employees have yet to be successfully rehired.

Police Chief Holt Ross says he’s only down to four employees due to this dispute. However, he wants citizens to know neighboring counties have stepped up to assist the city.

Even though the doors to city hall are closed, there’s been a rotation of individuals working the drive-thru window so residents can pay their water bills, but it’s only on select days.

As of right now, there’s been no word on when the dispute will be over but authorities and residents hope it will be soon.

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