Dog on rerouted flight is now in Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A dog that was missing over the weekend has been found and reunited with its family.

We’re talking about the little corgi named Bethany.

Her arrival had some folks here at the Jackson Airport howling with excitement.

“She’s had a long trip.”

Jimmy Cox and Debbie are her owners. Cox says Bethany is a show dog and caught an American Airlines flight from Seattle, Washington to Jackson when the unexpected happened.

“Something happened in Dallas and she decided to go somewhere else, “ Cox said.

And that somewhere else was Honolulu, Hawaii.

American Airlines says Bethany was placed on the wrong connecting flight when she arrived in Dallas.

Cox says it took 3 days to locate her but says it’s a relief that she is finally home.

“My main thing was to make sure she made her flight, the only question I have … ‘Do we get the air miles, I don’t know? ” Cox said.

American Airlines says they are looking into how the dog got put on the wrong plane.

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