Full Story: Doggy daycare loses precious pet, owner distraught


RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)- A local woman needs help finding her dog whom she says is like her own child.

The dog disappeared from a boarding facility earlier this week, and now the pet’s mom is desperately hoping to see her pup again.

Jillian Marcelo says August 29th is a day she will never forget. It’s the day she dropped off her sweet dog Sadie and two other dogs to Pet Haven along Old Fanning Road. 

She paid the pet boarding company to watch her pups, while she and her husband went out of town to enjoy Labor Day weekend. 

Jillian Marcelo says, “When I dropped her off I spent a lot of time with the owners telling them how much I loved her, and what her personality was like. So they could care for her like I cared for her.”

The next day Marcelo says her celebration became a nightmare when she got a call from the dog company saying Sadie had gone missing the same day she was dropped her off.

“As soon as I found out that information my husband and I were in Destin turned around. we got to pet haven around 10 that night, immediately we began searching the tree line hoping she’d be close.”

She says she and her husband were met with opposition.

“As I was walking on a neighbor’s property and along the tree line the owner threatened to kick me off the property and call the cops because he felt I was trespassing.”

Marcelo says the owners of the pet company tell her they’d been doing all they could to help find Sadie.

Jillian Marcelo says, “Her name is Sadie she’s a Yorkie about 6 years old. She’s about 6lbs, we love her so much and want her to come home. I’d appreciate any help we can get in finding her. I will be actively searching for her until I find her.”

“I can’t express my gratitude with words how appreciative I am of all the people who’ve stopped by and been looking for her. I truly believe we will find her I just need the help of the community. “

For now, Marcelo says she is hoping and praying Sadie will show up.

12 News did reach out to the owners of Pet Haven.

According to the owner Eddie Vrocher, Saddie was last seen in the free yard. At sometime when other animals were being escorted into the facility, Saddie must have run away.

The owners say they have offered to help with the reward money.

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