Drainage repair hopefully stops flooding on Overbrook Dr. after decades of disaster.


JACKON Miss. (WJTV- For many decades citizens living on Overbrook drive have had extreme problems due to flooding.
12 News’ Gary Burton has the latest on the drainage repairs.

In the past neighbors who live here on Overbrook drive in Jackson would have to renovate their homes after storms but now there is little to no water damage.

Kim Hobson has lived on Overbrook drive her whole life and to finally see drainage repairs being made in the neighborhood gives her joy.
“What they’ve done here is amazing and I just thank the Lord because water and furniture do not mix.”

“As a neighborhood, we have collectively gone out and help sweep water out from in front of people’s houses to keep them from flooding,” said Hobson.

Hobson says the repairs took nearly two weeks and after tons of water has flooded almost a dozen homes, the question in the community is what took so long to fix this problem.

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