RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — More clown sightings have been reported, this time in Rankin County.

A driver claims that a clown caused a recent wreck.

“It’s a lot of foolishness,” said J.R. Crain, a Rankin County resident. “That’s my real thoughts about it.”

“It’s probably a teenager or something like that going through and trying to get something to put on youtube,” said another resident, Gary Woodard.

Most people WJTV talked to about the clowns sighting in Rankin County said they think it’s someone just clowning around, and they aren’t concerned.

“It’s silly,” Crain said. “It’s childish. It’s probably just a prank of some sort, but it has a tendency to want to have some danger to it I think.”

The sheriff’s department said they’ve been hearing claims of someone dressed as a clown causing a wreck Friday on Highway 469 South.

They responded to a wreck in that area, but county officials said they searched up and down Highway 469 all night without seeing a clown.

“If they’re doing it, they need to stop because someone’s going to get hurt,” said Kathy Patrick, a resident of Rankin County. “Especially down here in the South. Pople carry guns.”

Earlier this week, Tchula’s police chief said there was a sighting in Holmes County. Chief Kenneth Hampton said he saw a clown in a neighborhood, holding a machete.

“I think they’re weird because they’re just trying to scare people and it’s not funny,” Adriana Dee said, another resident.

So far, no pictures of any local creepy clowns have been verified.

Police said if you see someone in a clown costume causing a disturbance, give them a call.