Drop boxes give Delta access to voice stance on Backwater Pump Project


Over the last month farmers and homeowners in the Mississippi Delta have filled out postcards to send to the Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District. All this after the Corps released a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement in need of a Backwater Pump Project.

The Vicksburg District for the Army Corps of Engineers has determined that the Backwater Pump Project is in need to be completed. Going around social distancing guidelines the people are getting their voices heard.

From Rolling Fork, to Valley Park and Vicksburg the Delta Council and Backwater Pump advocates put out 17 drop boxes giving anyone access to explain their stance on the Backwater Pumps.

“There are postcards there, you just sign your name, address put it in the box and we’ll mail it out for you,” Victoria Darden of Finish The Pumps campaign explained. “Our goal is to just reach as many people as possible, make sure they send in their comments, whether it be their email, personal story, letter.”

If you can’t make it to these stations you can also file your stance by emailing the Army Corps of Engineers at YazooBackwater@USACE.Army.Mil.

This public reaction opportunity follows back-to-back floods and is vital for the Corps of Engineers to understand the impact of their plans.

“Modeling that we’re going to do to fully understand the impact on the system as we gather that information,” Col. Robert Hillard told us back in April. “And analysis we’ll put that into a final report.”

For South Delta communities the completion of the Backwater Pumps is the only hope for livelihoods to survive.

“As bad as the virus has been the floods have damaged our businesses way more than the virus has ever done,” Agriculture Businessman Josh Halford said. “If the water was gone we’d be planting.”

Drop Box locations for public comment.

Even if you don’t live in the Delta you can still participate and give your thoughts on the backwater pump project to the Army Corps of Engineers. The deadline to turn in your comments is June 15. and drop boxes are located in Rolling Fork at Chuck’s, Green Apple, the Farm Bureau office, Deep Delta Drugs, Britton Furniture, Bank of Anguilla, Belmont, South Delta Auto Parts, and Service Lumber. Also in Valley Park at the Elevator facility off Highway 61. And in Vicksburg at Abe’s Tire, River Hills Bank-61, Patriot Motorsports, Delta Outfitters, Toney’s Liquor and Grill, and the Squealing Pig.

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