EF3 tornado leaves Mize farmers and homeowners in ruins, but Christmas will go on


MIZE, Miss. (WJTV) – In Smith County the town of Mize and the surrounding areas experienced 150 mile an hour winds on Monday by a tornado over 1300 yards wide.

This monster traveled almost 19 miles through the area spending 32 minutes on the ground and people are piecing together their losses.

The small town of Mize, Mississippi experienced one of the worse of the 15 tornadoes to touchdown across the state on Monday and three days later those in the agriculture business and homeowners are still feeling the impact.

Where three whole poultry houses once stood driving the towns chicken industry transformed to ruins in a matter of seconds.

“Some of it’s just been a total loss as far as poultry goes,” farmer Allen Magee told us. “I got a buddy that’s a cattle farmer who’s got cattle missing and he don’t know they are right now. They was basically all three a total loss, it’s pretty tough to see.”

For Allen Magee raising chickens has been his families main income for 25 years, now with no where to put his next flock his future looks dark.

“I doubt the insurance will replace the chicken houses,” Magee continued. “I don’t think they’re going to do it. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to clean it up it’s a pretty good mess. I would have got another flock of birds next Thursday, it’s a substantial portion of my income I’ll say that.”

Farther up Smith County Rd. 77 other homeowners were left with houses made unlivable including the Ainsworth family whose dream house sits half blown away.

“We haven’t had time or even cared to think about what we lost because we gained so much whenever our lives were spared,” Rosemary Ainsworth said. “We have six grandchildren and two children.”

Rummaging through their belongings across the yard, the Ainsworth’s were able to find their wedding rings, birthstones, and even trophies won by their kids over the years.

“The trophies were in the game room and the game room was totally demolished,” Ainsworth explained. “And the trophies are just perfect just like the day they were awarded them.”

A major inconvenience less than a week before Christmas, but some signs of the holiday still survived the tornado.

“We did manage to salvage the grandchildren’s Christmas presents,” Ainsworth continued. “I had just wrapped them about an hour before the storm. I place them in the car, well the car was totaled and the presents were all intact.”

If you would like to send help to tornado victims in this part of Smith County the people I spoke to said you can drop off food and supplies at the local churches and above all keep sending your prayers.

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