HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 23 for the Hinds County Sheriff runoff election.

Both Captain Tyree Jones and interim Sheriff Marshand Crisler said they’re confident and ready for the runoff. They said their fate is now in the hands of voters.

The two gave their final push to voters on Monday, encouraging them to go back to the polls so their voices can be heard.

“On the November 2 election, 69% of the voters that voted wanted to see a change in the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office. That means a large majority want to see a change in what’s going on at the sheriff’s department today,” said Jones. “I want to continue to establishing the trust from the community, having a structure in place, holding people accountable and having organization within the sheriff’s office as well.”

“I feel extremely confident not only about the election but about the future of our capital city and our capital county,” said Crisler. “And these memorandums of understanding that we have entered into in my first 90 days means something. That we’re not about just putting stuff on paper. We’re going to put boots on the ground and make sure that were fighting again to keep our community safe.”

Officials with the Hinds County Election Commission said they’re not anticipating a large turnout on Tuesday.

“I’d like for everyone to come out and vote because voting is so important. That’s the only way you can use your voice, and if you don’t use your voice, others get to speak for you,” said Shirley Varnado, District 5 Election Commissioner.

Officials said polling machines have been delivered to precincts, bags are packed, poll books have been printed and PPE has been sorted.

Leaders with the Hinds County Circuit Clerk’s Office said nearly 500 absentee ballots have been received. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday.