CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Democratic supporters in Clinton said someone almost hit them with their car Tuesday morning as they were gathered outside Northside Baptist Church.

They believe they were targeted because they were holding party signs. The sign holders said they scrambled to get out of the way. No injuries have been reported.

The sign holders said someone contacted Clinton police about the incident, but they said police took more than two hours to arrive at the scene. WJTV 12 News has not confirmed the timeframe.

Clinton police said they will patrol the area for the rest of the day, and they advised demonstrators to stay away from the street.

“We holding the signs up they coming down flying almost hit me. I jumped back like this trying not to fall,” said Deanna Shields, a sign holder.

“To know that we live in these times where the evil and the madness is such that one would attempt to run over someone, come out of the grass, knock over the side, she has to run. The other guy had to run to even get away, when all we’re out here doing is campaigning for the people that are in office or running to vote,” said Benita Wilson, a sign holder.