CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Clinton leaders announced the 2% tax hike at restaurants passed on Tuesday.

According to the unofficial results, 680 voters (66.7%) were in favor of the tax hike, while 340 (33.3%) were against it.

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Tuesday, Clinton held a special election on whether the city should implement a 2% tax hike at restaurants.

“Definitely for it. I feel like it’s something that’s very much needed where we can keep the improvements. We like to keep Clinton in very good shape,” said Pat Bell, a Clinton neighbor.

With the votes comes with mixed options. City officials said the tax increase would raise the current 7% restaurant tax to 9%, which will generated $1,000,000 annually for the city.

“The increase on a meal is so small that we feel like that the citizens of Clinton will see it as a benefit rather than a negative,” stated Clinton Alderman at Large Ricki Garrett.

The vote needs a 60% majority to pass. If approved, city leaders said the funds will be used to improve existing facilities and develop recreational activities. One Clinton neighbor said that the tax increase could cause a deficit as she feels there are other pressing issues in the city.

If approved, the tax legislation would require voters to re-vote every four years. Leaders said the increase could be implemented by August.