RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The runoff set for June 28 between Rep. Michael Guest and Michael Cassidy is heating up.

In the latest attempt at the candidates to “out-conservative” each other, Guest released an attack ad titled “The Truth.”

The ad mentioned how Cassidy is not a Mississippi native. It also brings up his grounded status as a Navy reserve pilot, and it event calls Cassidy a carpetbagger.

According to Cassidy, his grounded status came as part of two Navy investigations to see if he was in violation of the D.O.D. rule regarding political activity as a reservist.

The investigation was spurred after Cassidy filmed a campaign video on what he has claimed to be a civilian air field, not a naval base. He said that investigation has been concluded.

A second investigation was also concluded. It was about whether Cassidy has a “general commitment to Navy equal opportunity principles.” This comes after naval investigators were made aware of comments regarding equity and inclusion on his website.

Cassidy pointed to his conservative views as the basis for the grounding.

He responded to Guest’s claims on Facebook and mentioned that the Navy “backed down” and that he began flying again two weeks ago.

Guest also published a website “The Real Michael Cassidy,” explaining how there is “nothing conservative” about Cassidy.

This is not the first time the two political opponents have taken jabs at one another. Cassidy has been quick to condemn Guest’s vote in favor of H.R. 3233, which authorized a bipartisan commission to investigation the Jan. 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol. Guest was one of 35 Republicans who voted for the commission.

Recently, Cassidy and Guest were both at the Oktibbeha County GOP meeting. On Facebook, Cassidy challenged Guest to a debate. Guest has not responded.