Hinds County Administrator clarifies mixup with voting machines


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With a few days left until the November 2 election, the Hinds County Election Commission did not answer questions or talk about preparations.

The commission said County Administrator Kenny Jones issued a gag-order against them. However, Jones said he didn’t and that he told them to stop talking to the media.

“Is that what you would call a standard protocol, on a gag order? But is simulation the one that, you know, somewhat erroneous information has been put out? We’re trying to put the truth out, so the voters and the people of Hinds County know where we really are,” said Jones.

He said despite misinformation from the election commission, the county is ready for Tuesday’s election.

“We’re ready for an election Tuesday, and there aren’t going to be any major glitches in the election, so that’s where we are today,” said Jones.

However, there have been some glitches in the last few days. According to Jones, the county contracted Terry’s Installation Company to delivery voting machines, saying they provided the lowest quote.

“There was people talking about bids when it was a quote system. People said there were contracts. There were no contracts. With all of that and with all of the confusion getting here, it just seemed like it was so much going on when it really wasn’t,” said Jones.

Jones said there was also a miscommunication with the new vendors on where to deliver the voting machines.

“The address is all certain things have been changed. Precincts have been saying since the last elections, so they wouldn’t just arbitrarily just riding out there and didn’t know where they were going. That’s misinformation. The address is that they had for certain precincts were all viable and that’s why it took them to, but they were no longer relevant,” said Jones. “So we got to take some of the responsibility for the whole fiasco that’s been going on the last few days.”

He said the voting machines will all be in place on Friday, October 29.

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