HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Members of the Hinds County Election Commission spoke out on Thursday following a ballot fiasco during the General Election on Tuesday.

Official said the voting hiccup happened due to the fact that the wrong form for ballot orders was used. They took full account for what happened during the election.

Commissioner Shirley Varnado, District 5, said the cause of the issue may be due to the Legislature redistricting Hinds County.

Different ballot styles were sent to precincts, which caused some confusion. While precincts with larger voter numbers received a small number of ballots, smaller precincts received an excess number of ballots.

“When we did the primary, we called to ask, ‘How do you do splits when there are new splits?’ And we’ve never had the splits before. Normally when you have splits, you go by the previous elections that have been held in the past. This was all new,” said Varnado.

She said moving forward, the commission hopes to receive some assistance or a step-by-step guide from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

There are 107 precincts throughout Hinds County, but commissioners said the number of precincts that experienced the ballot shortage was less than 10.