HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Hinds County District 2 Supervisor David Archie revealed his findings from a ballot box review of what he is calling a fraudulent election between him and challenger Anthony Smith.

Archie not only claimed that the August 8 primary election was fraudulent, but he’s claiming that the review he requested had some inconsistencies.

According to Archie when he requested a ballot box review of the election results, the Hinds County Democratic Party did not supply him with anything but the paper ballots. He claimed no secondary confirmation measures, such as a voter signature book, digital images of the ballots or ever the thumb drives in the voting machines, were supplied.

Cynthia Johnson-Walker said she personally led the ballot review and by only receiving paper ballots, there is no way to confirm that there were any legitimate votes.

“I have reason to believe that we don’t know if you got 1,800 voters. All we know is you got 1,800 paper ballots. Had she left me some books, and I came back to 1,800, had she left me some media sticks, and I came back to 1800, had she left me a tally sheet, I came back to 1,800. Had they left us a receiving and a receipt in return form, we could come back to some serial numbers. Had they filled out the ballot accounting form, I could go back to 1,800. I can’t go anywhere but count those paper ballots. That does not tell us anything,” said Johnson-Walker.

Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee Chairperson Jacqueline Amos released a statement saying, “We understand that one candidate who lost, namely David Archie, has decided to challenge the results of the August 8 primary. He has the right to challenge the results and will cooperate however necessary.”

Archie called for the resignation of Amos from her position in the party, or he would file criminal charges.